Sofa and Chair Frame Repairs

Structural Repairs

It isn't only the covering on furniture that gets damaged.  You may think that a sagging arm or a broken frame means you need to purchase a new suite.  Not so!  Have a look at these examples of furniture that have been restored and given a new lease of life, regardless of whether they are fabric or leather.

Structural damage to upholstered furniture will quickly have an adverse effect on the padding and covering materials, these type of frame repairs should be addressed as quickly as possible before other upholstery repairs may be required as a result.

Padding and stuffing of cushions on all types of upholstery improves the support and comfort on the seats, backs and arms of sofa and chair upholstery.  

The arm on this customers chair had collapsed caused by children jumping on it.  The structure was rebuilt onsite.

The back frame on this modern chaise longue was shattered during a house move.  The cover was stripped back and the frame was rebuilt in the customers home with no evidence that such a large repair had taken place.

The front seat rail on this expensive leather sofa had snapped at a knot in the wood.  The damaged rail was removed and a replacement hardwood rail fitted without the need to remove the furniture from the customer's home.

The seam on the arm of this leather sofa had undone.  The seam was invisibly stitched by hand on site.

Do not settle for sagging cushions, why not have additional padding fitted to your existing cushions whether they zip off or are fixed to the chair or sofa.  This repair is easily carried out in your home.