A small selection of our leather repairs

It is often possible to repair damage to existing leather furniture.  If fabric is damaged invariably replacement matching fabric is required and this is not always available.  Leather repairs, however, can be carried out in various ways either by restoring and refinishing the existing panel(s) or in severe cases of damage I can machine in replacement leather panel. 

Below are before and after examples of repair work carried out on leather sofas and chairs in customer's homes.

This leather chair of a bucket seat design was the favourite seat amongst a suite of furniture that had given over 15 years of service.  As the foam structure started to deteriorate, excess pressure was placed on the seams and as the leather aged it became brittle and tore away.  

The best course of action on this occasion was to match and replace the affected panels and pad and reinforce the foam structure which I did back at my workshop.  The customer from Hillingdon in Middx was delighted with the result which saved them replacing the whole suite. 

We were appointed by a customer whose previous leather repair by another company had failed because the cover had not been stripped back and a strengthening sub patch had not been fitted to the underside of the leather.  As you can see our repair is barely visible and is now more durable.   

The leather arm cover on this sofa was accidentally torn.  The damage was rectified on the intial visit by fitting a sub patch, filling and recolouring the affected panel.  The result was virtually invisible.

Here we have a deep scratch to a leather chair which was filled and airbrushed in, at the customers home in London.

After a party this chair was damaged by a cigarette and the leather had been badly scuffed.  The arm cover was restored on the intial visit.

Cat Scratches to leather furniture - here a cat had some fun with their owners furniture ending up with claw marks and pulls.  The damaged arm was refinished and restored on site.

A dog left alone in a room decided to claw this customer's sofa near Basingstoke.  I filled the scratches before matching the colour and refinishing the panel.  

Here a recliner sofa had a side seat panel that was badly torn.  I removed the cover to our workshop, matched the leather, machined in a new panel and returned to fit.